One of the key features of our staffing software solution, 1Staff, is the tight integration between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft CRM, which allows recruiters to focus more time on productive work and less time on switching between applications searching for data.

To demonstrate this, we created a video where:

  • An email was sent out regarding the placement of a candidate that was recently placed with a customer. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM the ‘Related Regarding’ item was that Job Order.
  • The customer replies to an email requesting another person with the same skill set as the one we recently placed. This information is automatically tracked in Microsoft CRM with a hyperlink back to the Job Order.
  • The Copy Job Order button allows recruiters to quickly post a job online using a Process Dialog to ask if special workflow should be used.
  • Once the job is online, we demonstrate how a job seeker logs in online and then is able to apply for the job with one click.
  • After the job seeker applies for the job, their application is viewable instantly in Outlook on the 1Staff dashboard.

Our 1Staff staffing software can be used to complete all of your recruitment tasks in one place – Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook, you have access to tasks with hyperlinks from emails right back into your 1Staff Front Office system. 1Staff is currently used specifically by staffing companies, but will be made available for corporate recruiting as well.

Want to see 1Staff Front Office and Microsoft Outlook in action? Watch our video instantly!

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