1Staff, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, now has the ability to be customized to your company’s branding. With the 2015 update, your company can alter the logo and colors inside the solution. Don’t have 1Staff yet and want to find out more about 1Staff customization? Click here! >>

In order to do this you will need to open Settings > Customizations (as seen in image below):

1Staff customization

Inside the customization tab, you have the option to adjust CRM’s theme (as seen in image below):

Custom Themes image 2

Currently our system is set to the “CRM Default Theme”. Let’s change that to match our 1Staff branding. By clicking new, we can create a theme from scratch.  You can also clone the existing “CRM Default Theme” for easier color selection. CRM uses HTML color codes. Options for customization include logos and colors throughout the system (as seen in images below):

Custom Themes image 3

Creating a new theme

After creating our 1Staff theme, we can preview it and then publish the theme to our CRM. And here is the result! A 1Staff theme to match our branding. Want to know more? Contact a 1Staff specialist today!

Custom Themes image 6


Learn more about 1Staff >>tablet-transprent-background-510px-v2

1Staff: The High Performance Staffing Platform
Staffing agencies often suffer from fragmented systems.

1Staff enables them to operate on a platform used by over 3 million users.


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