Who would have ever thought a recruiter would get their own TV show? Well believe it! Bravo premiered “The Headhuntress” Monday evening, a reality TV show profiling LA’s top executive recruiter, Wendy Doulton. Some have said “The Headhuntress will do for executive headhunting what Simon Cowell did for talent shows.” Doulton manages the headhunting firm she founded named Katalyst Career Group, after working in house for Yahoo, DreamWorks and Google.

She definitely doesn’t beat around the bush when talking to clients. In the first episode, she says things like “A résumé should be like a skirt, long enough to cover the basics, short enough to keep them interested.” Or “You make me feel like taking a nap.”

Although her tactics are brutal, Doulton muststaffing software The Headhuntress not offend too many people, considering her client list includes such companies as Fox, Google, Amazon, Discovery, The Gap, Sony, Old Navy and Hulu. She definitely has expertise in the executive recruiting industry and offers her talents for career coaching, resume critiquing and placement (for a not-so-small fee I’m sure).

It’s unknown if The Headhuntress will become a Bravo series, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted so you can set your DVR to record this entertaining show.

So why is a software company writing a blog post about a reality TV show?
Well, we take pride in keeping up on staffing industry trends whether that is the current unemployment statistics, economic factors affecting staffing, employment predictions or even the latest reality TV executive recruiter, Professional Advantage stays immersed in the staffing industry.

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