Finding a software solution that can be tailored to the unique needs of countless staffing organizations is typically unheard of, but 1Staff powered by Microsoft Dynamics® CRM does this. The founder and developer of 1Staff, Professional Advantage has a healthcare staffing customer who had been struggling to automate their compliance and onboarding process with their existing online recruiting software. This healthcare customer had clients that each had their own compliance requirements that varied from standard to complex. Some of their clients required candidates to go through up to 25 different compliance items as part of the onboarding process. The same client might have a different list of requirements for the same position, but at a different worksite. Some of the compliance items expire, and some can only be completed after they start their assignment.

With the customization capabilities of 1Staff for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Professional Advantage was able to quickly prototype some new screens and some custom workflow to build a proof of concept without writing any code (the actual finished product did require code).

While 1Staff Compliance is an excellent tool for the unique requirements of healthcare staffing industry, there is also demand from other industry leading staffing organizations. Some of the other areas are staffing include: IT and engineering, light industrial, professional and administrative staffing, etc.

When assigning a new candidate you may have a number of steps to complete. 1Staff compliance ensures all of those steps are tracked and visible to your team.

For example, when someone is starting a new job they may need to complete:

-Onboarding documents (I-9, W-4, etc.)
-Background Check
-Drug Test
-License verification

Some steps can take place later in candidate processing. For example, maybe you want to schedule a drug test after a background check so you don’t pay for the test before finding out about a hit on a background check.

You can determine where in the hiring process different steps are required. 1Staff can check to see what steps the candidate has already completed. For instance, if you have performed a drug test in the last 30 days and the client doesn’t require you to process another test.

1Staff automatically creates tasks for the compliance process which you can easily track in dashboards.  Click on the video below to see how to create a staffing dashboard in under 4 minutes.

Electronic documents can also be sent out for signatures, internal tasks are created for background checks, and notifications can be sent to the candidate to let them know where they can go for a drug test.

To ensure that users are happy with the end result of their 1Staff packages, the Professional Advantage Consultants utilize the drag and drop customization capabilities allowing them to layout screens right in their meetings with the system users.  By combining the power of 1Staff Staffing Software with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, you get a software solution that fits the needs of your staffing agency.

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