staffing software stronger togetherOn a recent call with one of our very first staffing industry customers, I realized not only do organizations grow with innovative technology, but technology grows with organizational feedback. When they started using our software they were a good-sized organization with around 1,200 active employees and contractors submitting timesheets weekly. From there they began partnering in Australia, and now that same 1,200 employee organization has grown immensely, utilizing our software in a dozen different countries across Asia, Europe, and North America and currently pushing 15,000 active employees.

Our 1Staff staffing software (previously known as PAM) has grown with them as they have grown. They have also been able to expand into new countries on their own without consulting assistance from Professional Advantage.

Due to the nature of their processes (sending out hundreds of invoices a day) they had some very compelling feedback as to how we could improve certain processes or add new functionality to make it easier for them to communicate with their customers.

A couple of years ago the same customer informed us that some of their customers didn’t take notice of emailed invoices, allowing machines to automatically fold and mail documents. Even though the product could email invoices with timesheet images where needed, customers didn’t respond to these emails as well. Now this process is almost all done electronically, and everyone expects to receive the emails electronically.

A more recent request has been for an invoice to be automatically created after a timesheet is approved. If a customer logs into web time at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and approves timesheets, the customer would receive an invoice within minutes without any human intervention. It is an interesting idea, but we have a large percentage of customers whose clients require their invoices to be formatted in a specific way.

Invoicing flexibility is key, and there is almost never a case when 1Staff can’staffing software synergyt handle a customer invoicing request, whether you want one invoice per employee, one for the customer, one for the job, etc. You can set up invoicing at the job level, so even if a customer’s default is to send one large invoice each week (or month, or twice a month, etc.) you can have exceptions where, for example, maybe their IT department wants to be invoiced by PO number. 

This is just one example of how 1Staff can be catered to fit your needs. Discover the many ways 1Staff can work for your organization by requesting a staffing software demonstration.


How can staffing software improve the flexibility of your invoicing processes?

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