There is no doubt that the November 2011 service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provided great value.  One particularly exceptional enhancement was the addition of Activity Feeds.  The Activity Feed feature allows Dynamics CRM users to communicate, collaborate and post information regarding records in the database. The mini blog feature, similar to a Facebook Wall, is very easy to use and install (read my previous blog post on Configuring and Using Activity Feeds).

After configuration, the system will automatically add a Record Wall to some entities in Dynamics CRM, but it will not automatically create a Record Wall for entities with multiple forms, you must do this manually.  For example, during configuration you can enable record walls for the Contact entity, but when you try to locate the Record Wall on an actual contact record, it does not appear.  This is because you may have multiple Contact forms.

To add a Record Wall to any desired form in your enabled entity, follow these 5 simple steps.

5 Easy Steps to Adding a Record Wall to a Form

1. Find the entity and specific form of that entity you want to add a Record Wall to. First, select the form (1) the click the customize tab (2) and start the Form Editor (3).

From the Form Editor, click the Insert tab and select One Column.

2. Tab Properties

  • Double click next to the word ‘Tab’ to open the Tab Properties.  From the display tab, enter tab_recordwall for the Name (in exact text), Record Wall for the Label, and uncheck the “Expand this tab by default” box.

  • Click the Events tab and expand the Form Libraries field.  Select Add and locate msdyn_/ActivityFeeds.Form.js. The window should look like this:

  • Next click Events Handlers select Add.  From here select msdyn_/ActivityFeeds.Form.js from the Library drop down menu, enter ActivityFeeds.Form.CustomizationUtils.updateRecordWallRenderingState for Function (in exact text), and make sure both “Enabled” and “Pass execution context as first parameter” boxes are checked.  The window should look like this:

Then click Ok to close the Tab Properties and return to the Form Editor.

3. Section Properties

  • Double click next to the word Section in your newly created Record Wall tab to open the Section Properties.
  • Click the Formatting tab and select One column then click Ok to close.

4. Add Web Resource

  • From the Form Editor Insert tab, select Web resource.
  • From the Add Web Resource dialog box, lookup and select “msdyn_/RecordWall.htm” as a Web resource.  Then enter the Name:  RecordWall (in exact text) and check the “Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters” box.  The window should looks like this:

  • Then select the Formatting tab and enter 15 as the Number of Rows.

  • Then Click Ok.

5. Collapse your newly created Record Wall tab and the Save and Publish.

To validate the record wall is now on your form, open a record from that entity and select the form you customized and the Record Wall should appear on the form and left side navigation.

Coming Soon – video on setting up and using Activity Feeds for Staffing Companies.

To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can benefit your staffing agency, request a staffing software demo.


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