At Professional Advantage, we enjoy sharing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 time saving tips and tricks with other Dynamics CRM users. We value the unparalleled flexibility, security, and scalability Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows when managing everyday interactions and relationships with leads, opportunities, vendors and customers.

Throughout this series, I’ll be providing our top 10 time saving tips that will increase efficiency in your work day. We will transform daily, time consuming activities into one-click wonders that will get you moving through your task list quicker.

#1 – How to Pin Your Favorites in Dynamics CRM 2011

Go to your Favorites button – located above the left hand navigation menu (as shown below). It will bring up all places you’ve recently visited in Dynamics CRM 2011, whether they are Accounts, Contacts, Views, or frequently viewed Dashboards. This feature comes in handy if you find yourself repeatedly working with same Accounts or Contacts throughout the work day. The time you’ll save by reducing clicks can transfer over to completing more critical activities that need your attention.

 Staffing Software Solution Favorites Button

Accessibility to frequently visited items is a great feature, but you can take this step even further by using pins. To simplify your favorites list, use the pinning capabilities within the list. Below you can see recent leads I’ve pinned for quick access.

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By Pinning certain items, the system will store them in the menu and create a personalized shortcut for you in your Favorites list. You can pin or unpin any items more than once and at any point in time.

#2 Emailing Record Links in CRM 2011

Do you find yourself explaining to another co-worker where to find a record in CRM you’ve recently worked with?  Instead of going through a long process of explaining which record you are talking about, then having them look up the record in CRM, and finally having the co-worker receive the information about the record, these steps can be simplified into one-click …or what I would like to call a one-click wonder.

Right-click on the record you will forward information about. Click Email Link. This action will open a new window to Microsoft Office Outlook with a link to the record. Now you can send the link to anyone just by adding their email address. It’s that simple.

Staffing Software Solution email a link

Stay tuned for my next post on Wildcard Searching and Type and Tab, two new time saving tips for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

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