A Professional Advantage consultant was recently doing a process review of a 1Staff customer when the consultant was amazed at just how long it took the customer to process paper onboarding documents.

The customer was a current user of the 1Staff Back Office with an existing cloud based ATS/Front Office that did not have a bi-directional integration with DocuSign. Luckily they now know that with 1Staff’s DocuSign integration staffing firms can streamline their hiring, onboarding, tax, and compliance processes.

1Staff makes it easy to define the required documents to be signed via electronic signatures. The documents can be staffing firms standard onboarding docs, or be specific documents by customer, position, state, worksite, or even type of associate (W2 vs 1099 or T4).

There are many benefits to using e-signatures:

  • Reducing costly shipping and mailing costs
  • Reduce administrative time
  • Shorten onboarding time
  • Ensuring documents are filled out properly and no required fields are missed
  • Visibility as to who sees which document and when they see it
  • Signing from tablets or phones – whatever is most convenient for the staffing firms’ associates
  • The ability to attach scanned images or a photo (i.e. a driver’s license)

With 1Staff compliance and e-signatures staffing firms can access data from anywhere.

Get access from phone, tablet or PC. And to save time, contact candidates directly from the search window via phone, email, or SMS message.
Did you know that by using electronic documents candidates can sign agreements using their mobile device?

Here’s an example of how it could work in practice:

  1. You’re onboarding a new temporary employee.
  2. 1Staff is able to check and knows that the temporary applicant does not have a W4 form on file and therefore needs to fill one out.
  3. The W-4 form is automatically populated with the associates data from 1Staff including name, address, etc.
  4. You control which fields in the document the employee can edit, and if those fields should be written back into your 1Staff Front Office. If they edit their street address or enter their number of dependents you can have those fields update their payroll records automatically.
  5. Once the associate e-signs the document from their computer, tablet, or phone 1Staff can automatically mark the onboarding task as completed. It will also automatically stores the document in the secure 1Staff document repository without you manually having to save it.
  6. The signed document is easily accessible to your users with proper security from the Employee record in 1Staff
  7. The employee can access their document online via DocuSign for years after signing it

No longer live in fear of an audit


  1. Hi. Great blog. I think the subject of e-signatures is an interesting one. I still use the old-fashioned pen and paper method, and at the moment I see no immediate reason to make the change to technology. I guess it all boils down to how comfortable someone is with the technology and how organised they are without it.

  2. Great blog! I’ve been a bit hesitant about e-signatures, mainly due to fears about security, but your blog has allayed some of those fears. How do you think this technology could grow or be integrated into future applications?

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