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Employers tend to hire people they’d like to hang out with
Published 11/29/12 by Allison Lind
Chances are, you’ll never see a job listing like this:  Help (and friend) wanted — Must share common interests and be fun to spend time with.

US pushes to keep entrepreneur jobs in the country
Bloomberg Business Week
Published 11/28/12 by Rodrique Ngowi
The Obama administration’s top immigration official says his agency is working to attract and keep more foreign-born high-tech entrepreneurs who are seeking to start companies in the U.S., a move he hopes will help the nation retain its edge in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Tech Workers See Opportunity as Health-Care Law Kicks In
Bloomberg Business Week
Published 11/28/12 by Jeff Green and Shannon Pettypiece
John Tricas said he heard opportunity knocking and learned networking software two decades ago, when it was the “next big thing.” Now he senses a similar opening as the health-care overhaul law takes effect.

SC unemployment agency sending bills for $542,000

The Island Packet
Published 11/28/12 by Seanna Adocox
Nearly 400 nonprofits and public employers will receive bills totaling more than $542,000 after South Carolina’s unemployment agency mistakenly undercharged employers for three quarters.

IT Staffing Firm Optomi Launches With $8 Million in Initial Backing
PR Web
Published 11/27/12
With significant support from successful IT staffing industry veterans, Optomi is building an innovative staffing firm focused on simplifying and optimizing the client and candidate experience.

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