Why It’s Time To Raise The Wage Floor On Fast Food ‘McJobs’
Business Insider
Published 11/29/12 by Sara Jaffe
The term “McJob” has come to epitomize all that’s wrong with the low-wage service industry jobs that are growing part of the U.S economy.

Staffing Acquisitions Rebound in Q3
Published 11/26/12
Staffing industry mergers and acquisitions reached pre-recession levels in the third quarter, and private equity has become increasingly interested in staffing, writes Alan Bugler of CHILDS Advisory Partners in an article in the December 2012 issue of Staffing Industry Review.

The ‘fiscal cliff” and other reasons companies are hiring more workers
Published 12/3/12 by Allison Linn
The job market has slowly been improving, but anyone who has looked for a job lately knows that it’s still far from easy to land a position. Economists say there’s a good reason for that: Employers just aren’t that eager to hire.

Job Market Predictions for 2013 and Beyond, Part 1
US News
Published 12/3/12 by Marty Nemko
Whether you’re a clerk or a CEO, unemployed, well-employed, or self-employed, it helps to have a sense of what’s next.

Personal Branding in the Future Workplace: A Crucial Skill for Employees and Recruiters Alike
Published 12/4/12 by Jeanne Meister
If you are planning to interview applicants next year at your company, here’s an important question: Would you rather hire someone with a high IQ or a high Klout score?

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