Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Endorsements
Published 12/4/12 by Susan Adams
I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately who say they are mystified and somewhat annoyed by a new feature on LinkedIn: the endorsement. One friend told me he had recently received one from a woman he hadn’t spoken with in 15 years. “Should I take this seriously?”

The 10 Best Jobs of 2012
US News
Published 12/12/12 by Jada A. Graves
The Best Jobs of 2012 are a diverse mix of occupations that span several industries. But our top 10 are all healthcare or technology jobs that are facing significant hiring demand, providing good job satisfaction for workers, and paying competitive salaries.

Where The Jobs Will (And Won’t) Be In 2013
Published 12/11/12 by Susan Adams
Though Florida is still recovering from the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 and the state unemployment rate sits at 8.5%, almost a point higher than the national rate of 7.7%, some pockets of the state are experiencing strong job growth.

Top 8 Union Jobs
CNN Money
Published 12/11/12 by Annalyn Kurt
Union membership had declined dramatically in the private sector over the last 30 years, but not in government.

Survey: CEOs Still Cautious on 2013 Hiring
Wall Street Journal
Published 12/12/12 by Eric Morath
U.S. corporate leaders remain cautious on hiring and investment expectations, but are slightly more optimistic about economic growth next year, according to the Business Roundtable‘s latest chief-executive survey released Wednesday.

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