Staffing Software ACSESSIn just a few weeks (May 2-4), we are sponsoring the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) conference in Niagara Falls, so I volunteered to write a few blog posts before the show. I spent a year living in Toronto as a Microsoft Dynamics ERP consultant/developer, and Canada has provided me with many meaningful experiences over the years. I couldn’t figure a way to work Waterton Lakes National Park, The Tragically Hip, and Quebec City (among many other things) into the same post.

When it comes to Canadian staffing agencies, we have some unique things to offer. Our 1Staff Back Office is built right in Microsoft Dynamics GP, a product that is already being used by thousands of Canadian companies and that fits the specific requirements of the Canadian market. From tax law, French Canadian language needs, and multicurrency to built-in Canadian Payroll, 1Staff Back Office built in Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed with Canada in mind.

For our Canadian customers, having a fully-integrated Canadian Payroll system has its advantages, but we also have Canadian customers who want to retain an existing system they like (Avanti Payroll for example) or who prefer to outsource their payroll to someone like ADP. 

Because our 1Staff Back Office is completely integrated with Dynamics GP, while accessing a timesheet you can zoom right back to its associated invoice or Canadian Payroll transaction. For more accurate margin analysis of your staffing pay/bill projects, 1Staff will also bring back gross to net costs calculated against timesheets in Canadian Payroll.

Our 1Staff Back Office is an exceptional solution for any size company, whether you have outgrown something like QuickBooks or are looking for a more flexible staffing software solution other than Oracle Financials or PeopleSoft.

If you are attending the ACSESS show, please stop by our booth for a visit.  I’m not on the attendee list at the moment, but I am working on making the trip south from our office to Niagara Falls (strange fact – while our main North American office is in the U.S., it is actually located farther north than most of the population of Canada.).

Our upcoming blog posts will focus on an all Microsoft Dynamics solution for Canadian staffing companies or a best-of-breed approach where our software can be easily integrated with other staffing front office solutions

If you can’t wait for the ACSESS conference to see our 1Staff Front to Back Office staffing software, request a 1Staff demo today.


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