Managing documents within your organization can be difficult without proper search and sharing capabilities. Enter Microsoft SharePoint. With tools like Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint 2010, you are able to use Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Search software to connect to external data, such as your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 database, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 database, or 1Staff staffing software. This is the third of a series of five posts regarding what I feel are the top 5 Microsoft technologies for the staffing and recruiting industry. If you missed the first two posts, please visit my #1 pick and #2 pick for the top five Microsoft Technologies catering to the staffing industry.

#3 – Microsoft SharePoint

staffing software with SharePoint

Like any organization, a staffing agency needs to be able to store, share, and search for documents in a simple, organized manner.  Microsoft SharePoint is a web content and document management platform that allows organizations to locate up-to-date accurate information. SharePoint provides a secure, accessible, searchable document repository for resumes, contracts, and other employment documentation that is accessible from 1Staff. Multiple resumes can be stored to meet your customer submittal requirements. 

1Staff allows users of a staffing agency to automatically ‘parse’ or analyze the text of a resume. After a resume is parsed you are able to review, edit and even add information that you will find useful in completing your searches. This gives you complete control over the list of skills you are targeting and searching for. The resume and cover letters are then stored in SharePoint with a link to the candidate record. SharePoint also works with Report Scheduler in Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can point the Scheduler to a document library on your SharePoint Site for others to use and view the reports. (See how easy Reports in SharePoint can be)

staffing software SharePoint Search

Business Connectivity Services Search Window in Microsoft SharePoint

Stay tuned, my next post will showcase what I feel is the #4 top Microsoft technology for your staffing organization – Microsoft Office Outlook.

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