Many staffing software solutions integrate with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2010.  Some even design their own email functionality, but few are designed to function from within email clients, let alone the most versatile and widely used business email system, Microsoft Outlook.  This is the fourth of a series of five posts on what I feel are the top 5 Microsoft technologies for the staffing and recruiting industry. If you missed the previous top picks, please visit my first three posts:

#1 Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 1Staff
#2 Microsoft Dynamics GP and PAM
#3 Microsoft SharePoint

#4 – Microsoft Office OutlookStaffing software Microsoft Office 2010 resized 600

A survey conducted by Litmus ( shows the email client market share based on statistics from 250 million email recipients. With no surprise, Microsoft Outlook dominates just under half the entire market.

staffing software top 10 email clients chart

Delivering much more than email; Microsoft Outlook provides comprehensive calendar and scheduling functionality, social media integration, and seamless integration with the other Microsoft Office tools. Outlook not only allows your staffing organization to stay organized and connected with candidates and coworkers, you can also manage customers/candidates from within Outlook by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Native Outlook Client. Tasks created in CRM are automatically posted to Outlook so Sales and Recruiting staff do not forget important events. 

Built on the Microsoft platform, the CRM Native Outlook Client allows users to access the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and the Applicant Tracking Software known as 1Staff, through the Microsoft Outlook interface. From here you can track emails, submit candidates, manage placements, and much more. (Learn more about using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client.) With full Dynamics CRM and 1Staff integration inside Outlook, everyone inside your organization including your recruiting and sales staff all the way through to your executives can use the software in a familiar Microsoft environment.

Stay tuned, my next post will showcase what I feel is the #5 top Microsoft technology for your staffing organization – Microsoft Office Excel.

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