Very few products live to become the industry standard, but when it comes to spreadsheets, Microsoft Office Excel, wears this title with honor.  With its repertoire of tools, Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Office suite in general, continue to dominate their competitors.  Excel brings to the table many great features including pivot tables, formulation, graphing tools, and much more, making it the undisputable number 5 pick for what I feel are the top 5 Microsoft technologies for the staffing and recruiting industry. If you missed the previous top picks, please visit my first four blog posts for picks #1-#4 of the top five Microsoft Technologies catering to the staffing industry:staffing software microsoft office excel

#1 Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 1Staff
#2 Microsoft Dynamics GP and PAM
#3 Microsoft SharePoint
#4 Microsoft Outlook


#5 – Microsoft Office Excel                                             

Comprehensive business intelligence and reporting is a key to any successful organization and the staffing industry is no different. A variety of tools in Microsoft Office Excel allow for advanced reporting including Excel pivot tables and Excel slicers.  Webhouse, a reporting tool for PAM, can be setup to get data out of Excel pivot tables. (Watch a video on Excel 2010 Slicers). 

You can easily import data from an Excel spreadsheet to create marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 1Staff. This feature is very helpful in that, upon returning from a tradeshow or networking event, you can import your new list of contacts/candidates easily into CRM. You are then able to organize, market, and manage these contacts from your front office system.  You are also able to export data into Excel as needed. For example, you could export a list of leads into Excel to be sent to a printer for a direct mail marketing campaign.

 staffing software 1staff microsoft office excel 2010

As I stated in my first post, Microsoft Corporation has long been a front runner in the software, computing and general technology industries. With their immaculate history of delivering sustainable value with their technology investments like Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP, SharePoint, Outlook and Excel, rest assured, users can trust their Microsoft investment comes with a deserving enhancement security.

Learn how all of these great technologies can benefit your staffing organization today.


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