Why 1Staff and why a blog?

Professional Advantage has been providing Microsoft Dynamics based back office software to staffing and recruitment companies for many years.  We started out initially providing more horizontal products to fill gaps in Microsoft Dynamics functionality, but over time moved into more industry specific solutions.  Our first recruitment software customer was Hays Australia, who, since our initial project has grown from just over 1,000 active associates in Australia to over 10,000 associates throughout South East Asia and over 25,000 direct hires per year.  We now work with Hays in other parts of the world.  At the time I have to say it didn’t cross my mind they would be using our system to process timesheets in Toronto, Dublin, or Tokyo years later.  We were a Dynamics sales and consulting company when they originally purchased our staffing software, not a development organization.

Why a blog?
– Microsoft Dynamics has a great online community – if you want to know how to do something there is a good chance you can find out online with a quick search.  Having a blog allows us to contribute to that community.

-A blog allows us to communicate things that don’t neatly fit into a website.  We will post blogs related to our other Microsoft Dynamics enhancement products such as Company Data Archive or Collections Management for Dynamics AX.

Why 1Staff Front Office?
There are several established players providing front office solutions to staffing companies.  A search of our website will provide you with case studies from customers using front office staffing and recruitment systems such as Bond Adapt or Bullhorn with our 1Staff back office system (formerly PAM).  The partnership we have with other front office staffing software companies works very well. Through real time integration as new job orders are finalized in the front office, the related customer, associate, payroll, and billing details instantly appear in our 1Staff for Microsoft Dynamics back office.  We will continue to actively partner with other companies to provide the best solution possible to our mutual customers.

So why now? 
Our product development strategy is clear.  We deliver a solution fully integrated with a leading package in a specific industry.  With 1Staff Back Office we build directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This means we focus on features that benefit the staffing industry.  If we built from scratch we would have to develop our own workflow engine; instead we can focus on unlimited invoice formats and frequencies.  Rather than building a tool that allows users to tailor their own dashboards we focus on SharePoint resume storage and search.

We see Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as having the potential to be a game changer in the industry.  You can do things without custom development that you would certainly have to call your vendor for with any traditional system.  “Game changer” is an easy thing to say, but the purpose of this blog is to back up that claim.  If you are currently selecting staffing software you may want to check out our 1Staff Front Office before you sign anything.

To jump start the blog we are including a slightly more technical Microsoft CRM 2011 post. CRM 2011 allows you to tailor forms and other parts of the systems such as dashboards to meet specific user requirements. Changing forms, adding new fields, or even entirely new forms and functionality can be done without complex programming and custom development. 

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