A blog from a consultant.

I sound like a nerd when I say this, but I am truly excited about the next release of Business Central. In fact, I always get excited about the next release of the software: I have worked within this business suite for almost a quarter of a century, so I have an intimate love affair with it.

This is of course not to say that there is anything wrong with the current release: it is stable, reliable, extremely functional, and ensures organizations gain great benefits from its use. But I still get excited about the next release. I love the anticipation; I love seeing in what ways new features and functionalities can benefit my clients.

Here’s a small example. In the October 2021 release of Business Central there was new functionality to set the default Type on Sales and Purchase lines. Technically, it’s an easy thing to build, but it has a major impact to the efficiency of the way our clients work. When I saw this would be available, I contacted some of my clients and told them what was coming up. And when I got my hands on a preview of the new software, it’s the first thing with which I played.

Yep. I still get excited about these things.

And I don’t apologize for this. I think the day we IT consultants stop getting excited about technology and how it can benefit people is the day we should stop implementing systems. It is to everyone’s benefit for us to remain both passionate about what we do, and yet at the same time, detached enough to see what’s useful.

When we consultants, or for that matter any professional, are passionate and excited about what we support, we can see both the obvious and hidden capabilities. When we’re passionate about what we do, we’ll spend time to explore the obvious, investigate the hidden, expand the simple, and understand the complex. We’ll work at “squeezing out” out all the possible benefits our clients can gain, from the smallest of improvements all the way to the largest of new functionalities.

The attitude of “I can’t wait to get my hands on it and take it for a spin” is actually a healthy and desirable attitude for us. This is not just for consultants like myself, but I would suggest all of us can benefit from an attitude of “embracing and exploring the new to see how we can grow”.

Yes, I’m a nerd. But it’s great fun and my clients get a benefit. And isn’t that what all this is about?