When Microsoft reached out to us asking if we wanted to build a collections module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we couldn’t say no.

As many of you probably know, we established our first Collections module with Microsoft back in 1997 called “Collections Management”, which was built for the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP. Almost 25 years later, Collections Management for GP is still running strong, and Microsoft asked if we could build a similar module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Learn more about Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

  • Collect 365 Hub – the starting point or command center for Collect 365. This window allows for you to review your customer’s contact information, financial information and your interactions with that customer. You can create notes, follow-up tasks and issue reminders about customer invoices, to help expedite your collections process.

  • Collect 365 Emailing – allows users to send one-off emails to their customers, while attaching pre-defined Collect letters and customer invoices within the email. Users can send a one-off email directly from the Collect 365 Hub. 

  • Collect 365 Letters – these go hand-in-hand with the Collect email feature. This allows users to create their collection letters (email templates) in advance with customer specific functions, helping eliminate the process of creating one-off email messages manually. Simply create your letters in Microsoft Word with our advanced functionality and save them as email templates for future use.

  • Collect 365 Aging Buckets – users can view the current ageing information for a customer in the Ageing column on the Collections Hub. These ageing buckets are time periods in which you can review your customer debit items.

  • Collect 365 Tasks – allows you to set reminders or follow-up action items for specific customers and their invoices. Set your task items up in advance by entering a contact date, contact time and action item for follow-up.

  • Collect 365 Query Functionality – provides users a powerful tool to view customers that meet a multitude of restrictions based on the customer and/or Customer Ledger Entries. The query can be refreshed on demand and users can view all customers and associated documents by drilling into the lines retrieved by the query. Collectors can review the customers retrieved, assign collectors to the customers retrieved and initiate the Create Reminders process directly from this window. This can be completed against a specific customer retrieved, or for all customers selected within the window.

If you wish to schedule a one-on-one demo or have any questions regarding the module, please contact us here.