Collection Plans are very useful for automating many different parts of the Collection process, such as reminder emails. When those emails are sent out by the plan during processing, a new Collection Note appears for that Customer ID demonstrating what was sent out:

In certain situations, you may find that you want to add more information to the Collection Note, which does not appear on the email itself. For example, say you want to include a note that a big sale is pending, and you want to make sure that these items are paid up before the sale is finalized. You could go back through all of the notes after processing Collection Plans, but another alternative is to create the note additions on the fly while processing a Customer through Collection Plans.

In the Collection Plan Processing window, once you have selected the Customer you want to process, in the preview window of the text at the bottom of the window, you can actually click the radio button “Note” to add an extra memo line to the note that will be created.

You can enter the text that you want to appear in the memo:

Now when you click Process This Customer, the new Collection Note that is created will show this critical information immediately at the beginning of the note:

It is important to take notice that this feature only works when you “Process This Customer” only, and the changes you enter will be lost if you click on a different customer without first processing.

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