Oftentimes much focus with Collections is placed directly on Customer/Collector interactions, and ultimately the best way to improve that relationship is empower your Collection team with the tools they need to perform the best job possible.

You can make the best use of your tools by finding where they are needed most. The Collection Summary window is designed precisely for this purpose.

The Summary window is available through Sales pane —> Inquiry —> Collection Summary.

Leaving the Calculate For field empty, clicking the Calculate button will analyze all your open sales documents and notes to populate this window.

This has several especially useful sections. The clickable Overdue Docs Not On A Note will open up all outstanding documents which are overdue, but are not attached to a Collection Note. This would indicate that no action has taken place on these documents, and doing so could help begin the process for Collecting on them.

Also useful is the Aging Buckets. You can quickly see the amount and percent of where your outstanding sales documents sit.

This window becomes really useful when you enter a Credit Manager, to search and see how each Credit Manager is performing and their case handling. For example, we can compare two Collectors, SA and SAKA.

Comparing the two of them, we can see that Collector SAKA has a higher percent of their outstanding Collections amounts in the Current Bucket than SA, which is mostly in the severely overdue values. This sets up the opportunity for a study and Kaizen event to take a look at Credit Manager SAKA and see what they are doing, and comparing that to Credit Manager SA and see if any practices or tips can be shared between the two to help both of them put more of the outstanding value in the Current bucket and lower the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) of the company overall.


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