In the previous post, we discussed how to view the results of a Collection Query.

Collection Queries are a great tool to help filter down a group of customers that meet a specified set of criteria. For example, all customers with a balance over $50k who haven’t made a payment in 30 days.

Every so often, however, you may need all of those customers in those results except one or two. For example, maybe there is a special circumstance, such as a promise to pay, and you would like to exclude them from the query so that when you Query Letters, they will not receive a letter or email for that particular instance.

You can actually remove Customers from the Query results! To do so, first, run your query. Once complete, go to Sales pane >> Transactions >> Query Letters. At the top of this window is a Blue Expansion Arrow next to the current query number results. Click on it.

This brings up the Collections Management Query Results window. First, click once on the record you wish to remove to highlight it. Then go to Edit —> Delete Row.

That’s all there is to it. Now when you go back to the Query Letters window, you can see the # Customers count has dropped!

Even if you aren’t printing or email letters, you can use this feature to remove records from query results that you wish to use in any number of other tasks, such as assigning customers to a Collection Plan!

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