How to Mass Assign Credit ManagersIn a previous post, we discussed the difference between Collectors and Credit Managers.

In case you missed it, essentially a Credit Manager is the primary Collector responsible for a single customer account. Understanding this relationship, often times people wonder how they can assign Credit Manager’s to an account. There is of course the single method of going to Sales pane —> Cards —> Collection Info, entering the customer account, and then assigning the Credit Manager. But there are ways to do this for many customers all at once, by using Collection Queries.

For example, let’s say we want to find all customers that currently do not yet have a Credit Manager, and assign them one.

Go to Sales pane —> Transactions —> Build Query.

Name the Query, such as “CREDMANG”, click on the Cust. Info tab, choose Credit Manager from the top drop down, and click insert. You should see the Restriction populate “Credit Manager from No Credit Manager to No Credit Manager”. Click Query, save, and run.


The Query results should now include all customers which do not have a Credit Manager.

Next, go to Sales pane —> Cards —> Transfer Credit Manager.

Choose From as “Current Query”, which will populate the Query results in the table in the second half of the window. Set the Collector name you would like to be made as the Credit Manager, and click OK.


That’s all there is to it! Now when you open the Collection Main for those customers, you should see the specified Collector as the new Credit Manager.


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