As 2013 begins to head into its last month, you’re likely making a plan of updating your servers and machines with the latest service packs, builds, and year end updates from Microsoft.  It has been discovered that Microsoft’s update engine is still trying to update Collections Management.

An example of an error you may encounter in GP Utilities:

Collections Management
Unable to get extended version information for product 1157.


While Microsoft has let us know this will be resolved in future releases starting with 2014 onwards, before applying any new updates from Microsoft, please take a few minutes to update your server and workstations to ensure the smoothest upgrades possible without this event occurring.

First, if you are still using Microsoft’s build of Collections Management, go to Control Panel, and select GP/Collections management, Repair, and then deselect the Collections Management product to uninstall it.

Next, GP Utilities should not be looking at Collections anymore. There may be residual files in the system that is making it check it during the upgrade.

You can fix this by removing the calls to check Collections Management versions from the Dynutils.set. First, make a copy of the file as backup. Then open up DYNUTILS.SET in Notepad. This is found in each work station’s GP folder.

First, reduce the top most number by one:

Next, remove the 1157 and Collections Management lines:

Finally, remove the lines referring to the program, report, and form dictionary for Collections:

Note that DU1157.dic might also be listed as CPRO.dic.

Lastly, download and install the latest version of Collections Management from our website.

Once you’ve done these steps, you should be safe to install the Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End updates for 2013 without any issues referencing inability to update Collections Management.

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