At Professional Advantage, one of our goals is to ensure we are creating value to our partners and customers by innovating our products around their wants and needs.

As our partners and customers continue to grow and develop, it is our job to make sure we are innovating our products at the same pace. Whether you have been affiliated with Professional Advantage for several years, or just started working with us, we welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can further enhance our products and meet those wants and needs.

Some of the improvements we’ve made to Collections Management over the past few years have been driven by customer feedback and suggestions, including…

  • Sorting Collection Notes by the date they were opened or updated
  • Collections Main window Notes expansion arrow added; creates new re-sizable window to view notes
  • Color Coding the notes within the Collection Main window, based on Priority (Low = Grey, Normal = Green, High = Red)
  • Adding additional steps to the Collections Plans – moved from 10 steps to 20 steps
  • Allowing users to sort their DSO per customer
  • Adding improvements to the Collections Email functionality

See additional improvements to Collections Management in our blogs below:

While we are always eager to receiving feedback and suggestions openly, we periodically invite our partners and customers to participate in a brief product survey, to gain more insight on:

  1. Customer’s best practices with our products
  2. The most frequently used features
  3. The benefits of using our products
  4. What customers would like to see changed or added to our products
  5. Any other general feedback

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on how we can improve our products with our latest Collections Management survey! 

We encourage you and your clients to leave honest feedback on how you’re currently using Collections Management, and how you would like to see us innovate the product.

Customers who have taken this survey average 3 to 4 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your continued involvement!

(please feel free to share this survey with your customers and colleagues)