When our customers talk, we listen. Because when it comes to enhancing our Microsoft Dynamics® GP products, Professional Advantage (PA) takes every bit of customer input and uses it to improve the overall user experience. We take pride in bettering our products based upon this feedback, and we’re always looking to hear more.

Beyond what goes into product development, we wanted to share some dialog from end-users who have been kind enough to share their experience using Collections Management or Company Data Archive (CDA). Take a look at what these existing customers have had to say about our products:

Collections Management Customer Testimony

Company Data Archive Customer Testimony

We encourage all users of Collections Management and CDA to provide their input and feedback on their experience, and always welcome product suggestions to help us improve these solutions. The more feedback, the better. Professional Advantage strives to improve their products based on customer needs and industry trends. With all feedback, good or bad, we hope these pages can provide yet another avenue to be heard and facilitate better end-user communication.

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