Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides some great options for tailoring your staffing system without custom programming. No longer will you need to call your front office vendor (and be billed) for every little change you need to make. The danger with this type of system is it’s actually too easy to add or delete a field, drag and drop fields, create multiple forms, and relate entire new entities. It is important to carefully plan changes to your system and to ensure that a change you implement for one group won’t adversely affect others. As you will see it is possible to completely hide new fields and forms from people who don’t require them.

Watch how easy it is to customize Microsoft CRM 2011 in the short video below.

Here are a few things to note in this video demonstration:

  • Easily drag and drop fields and sections in forms to optimize usability.
  • Create multiple forms for the same entity. 
  • Copies of the same form can be optimized for different types of users. The same user can select a different view of the same form depending on the task they want to perform.  Would you like the candidate view with the resume displayed or the one without the resume?
  • Easily pull related ‘sub grids’ onto your form as well.   If you want to see all related activities right on a submittal you can easily do that.
  • Add new fields to the system. For example, if you have a special ‘Star Performer’ test score you want to track by candidate, you can easily add the new field and drag it onto the form.  The Star Performer test score is then available in Advanced Find, reports, and dashboards. For all you programmers, Star Performer is available via web services automatically without having to write code.
  • We don’t show it in the video, but you can add and relate entirely new entities. If by candidate you want to track a list of hobbies with some related information about each hobby; it would be very easy to add.


See 1Staff, built in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in action. 



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