Many enhanced capabilities and new features were rolled out in the November 2011 service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 including new charting capabilities. When first released, Dynamics CRM 2011 charting capabilities were somewhat limited restricting appeal for useful analytical and reporting tools such as Charts and dashboards (read more about Chart and Dashboard customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011). Limitations to the Chart Designer made it difficult to present multiple series or categories in a single chart and supported only a few chart types. There were ways around this by using XML files and other developer methods, but one of the defining characteristics of Dynamics CRM is that ability for the everyday user to make changes. Now comprehensive charts can easily be designed by users without writing code.

staffing software CRM chart designer resized 600

With the new chart capabilities a staffing agency, for example, could create a chart to report on the status of current leads (created in the past 30 days, between certain date ranges, etc.) by each of their recruiters. Using multiple Legend Entries or Series, the charts below display the status of leads for a staffing company based on the recruiters who own that record. This information is displayed in a basic column chart and stacked column chart.

staffing software CRM leads by recruiter resized 600staffing software CRM leads by status resized 600

The Advanced Find feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 1Staff, the Microsoft Dynamics staffing software from Professional Advantage, allows users to sort by date ranges such as: last quarter, current fiscal period, next month, from xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx, etc (learn more about using Advanced Find).

Another useful chart for recruiting agencies or your internal Human Resources department is a graph displaying Equal Employment Opportunity data. Using multiple Horizontal or Category Axis Labels, this chart displays information on Associates of a staffing company regarding race and gender.

staffing software CRM associates by race gender resized 600

In addition to offering multiple series and categories, the November Service Update in CRM 2011, gives users access to a vast variety of chart types. Along with the standard Column, Bar, Line, Pie, and Funnel charts Dynamics CRM now includes a ‘Stacked’ and ‘100% Stacked’ Column and Bar chart as well as an Area, Stacked Area, and 100% Stacked Area chart.

Powerful, comprehensive, and tranquil; take advantage of the reporting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 1Staff. Now with more features than ever, right now is a great time to see how easy your business reporting can be.

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