How are you managing your past due invoices?

It’s an age-old problem: A customer wants to purchase a product or service from your organization, so you start the process of a transaction; money from the customer in exchange for this product or service. However, for one reason or another (I’m sure you’ve heard them all), the customer fails to meet their end of the bargain (i.e. make payment) either on time or in some cases, never at all.

This creates a need for a method to collect your cash. With several tactics in the business world today, some methods may be more effective than others. Some businesses may need more focus on collections management. Either way, if your organization has Accounts Receivable, at some point you may need to collect.

Professional Advantage has developed a whitepaper entitled 8 Tips for Collecting Your Cash. This simple yet comprehensive guide can help your organization in developing collection strategies that make sense.

8 Tips for Collecting Your Cash

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