Automatically Receive Registration Keys from Professional AdvantagePay your Annual Enhancement Plan (AEP) before the due date and your registration keys are automatically reloaded

For customers using Collections Management and/or Company Data Archive (CDA), obtaining product registration keys is now easier than ever. There is a new automated registration service, and a button on the registration window called “Get Registration Info”. These options have been included in the February and March releases of Collections Management and CDA (Click here to see how to check your version).

Provided the AEP fees have been paid to Professional Advantage prior to the due date, Collections Management and CDA installs will automatically update the registration key. There is nothing more to do. AEP is sometimes referred to as for ‘Update and Support’ or Maintenance plan.

The way it works
7-10 days before the AEP expiration date, provided the client machine has a working internet connection, the system will poll Professional Advantage records to check if fees have been paid. If yes, then new registration keys are automatically sent and updated. This does not require any action from the end-user. Alternatively, the registration service can be manually overridden at any time by clicking the “Get Registration Info” button.

The registration service will continue to search for an updated key (within the 7-10 day period) until the AEP expiration date.

Once a customer has surpassed the AEP expiration date, they will receive a notification similar to this:

Surpassed AEP Expiration Date






If this message is received please contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner for options going forward as you may need to renew your Professional Advantage AEP plan. Additionally, if a user clicks the “Get Registration Info” button, they may receive this message:

Please contact your Dynamics GP partner







Again, if this message is received please contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner.

Where do I find the registration window?
As pictured below, users can easily navigate to the registration window for Collections Management (screenshot 1) Tools > Utilities > Sales > Collection Installation and Registration. For CDA, Tools > Utilities > System >Company Data Archive Registration.

Screenshot 1. Dynamics GP Navigation to the Installation and Registration Window (Collections Management):

Dynamics GP Navigation to the Installation and Registration WindowScreenshot 2. Installation and Registration Window (Collections Management):

Installation and Registration Window (Collections Management)








Which versions include the automatic registration key service?
Please refer to the table below for the versions of Collections Management and Company Data Archive that include this new feature. All newer builds going forward will also include the registration service.

Which versions include the automatic registration key service





How do I know what version I am running?
As pictured below, navigate to the ‘About’ window (screenshot 3) Tools > Setup > Sales > Collection About. For CDA, Tools > Utilities > System >Company Data Archive About. You can locate the version of your product in the lower right of the window (Screenshot 4).

Screenshot 3. Dynamics GP Navigation to the Collections ‘About’ Window (Collections Management):

GP Navigation

Screenshot 4. Collections About Window (Collections Management):

Collections About Window








Where can I download the latest version?
In order to enable this function, please download and install the latest version from the Professional Advantage website:

Collections Management Download        Company Data Archive Download

**Please Note: this process is not supported for SPLA (subscription) customers at this time. To request registration keys for a SPLA customer, please email**


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  2. MOGADE Sarah - Digicel Antilles Francaises Guyane Reply

    Hello Support,

    We are facing an issue to get new registration keys.
    our GP Partner -Software solutions is not able to provide us the good information to retrieve these informations.

    Could you please contact us urgently ? It has been 4 months that we are waiting for these keys.
    We don’t even know what is the issue for this point.

    Company : DIGICEL Antilles Francaises Guyane
    IT Director : Damien Nolan –
    IT GP application manager : Sarah Mogade –

    GP version : 10.0.332.0
    Collection Management version : 10.00g23
    Old CM registration keys : 3971253232393025

    Thank your for your urgent reply.

    Sarah MOGADE

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