Professional Advantage has been providing business intelligence solutions for many years. It began when we developed a packaged solution in the mid-90’s called Webhouse that allowed a consultant to rapidly deploy a data warehouse and cubes for Microsoft Dynamics through an install wizard. Microsoft acquired this software from us several years ago and it is now licensed to thousands of customers worldwide.

That fast deployment allowed us to quickly demonstrate our business intelligence solution to customers on their own data. Regardless of the technology used (OLAP vs. in memory analytics, etc.), we have offered free “up close and personal” demos for years. We use customer’s data samples or their entire database for the demonstration. There is nothing more effective than showing a customer your solution on their data.

A good business intelligence tool will allow you to find inconsistencies or variances in data that might otherwise be missed.

A few years back, we conducted a demonstration for a medium-sized retail organization. As it happens, in many demonstration like this, the customer began asking questions on-the-fly. In this particular demonstration we began looking at cash tenders (the method used by the customer to pay for their merchandise at the store). One store seemed to have lower cash tenders than the other. After looking closer at the cash tenders for this store it seemed two specific employees had a much lower percentage of these tenders in comparison to other payment methods.

After the demonstration the company invested in surveillance equipment and quickly had video evidence that these employees were in fact pocketing the missing money. 
What secrets are hidden in your data?

Regardless of the staffing software or retail system you use, request a Business Intelligence demonstration on your live data today.

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