Your Collections team uses the Collection Plan feature from Collections Management to efficiently collect on your receivables. This is done so by assigning collection plans to your customers and running them from the Collection Plan Processing window.

While these collection plans have been highly successful in achieving your collections goals, there may be cases where your team needs to put a customer, assigned to a collection plan, on hold.

Though the reasons may vary for placing a customer on hold, the objective appears to be the same. The goal is to prevent the Collection Plan from moving from its current step or action to the next action until the customer has been released from on hold.

This simple task can be completed by adjusting the Collection Plan assigned to the customer.

To elaborate, we will use the following criteria in an example:

  • The Microsoft Dynamics® GP System date of 04/27/2015
  • Customer: “Rosellen General Hospital”
  • Customer “Rosellen General Hospital” oldest invoice SLS14073 Due Date of 05/04/2015
  • The “Regular” Collection Plan

First, let’s assume that Customer “Rosellen General Hospital” is currently setup on the “Regular” Collection Plan.

collections management

Secondly, let’s assume on 04/27/2015, we run the “Regular” Collection Plan for Rosellen General Hospital.

We can see based on the criteria listed below, the action set to be executed is the “Soon Due” action which has been suggested by the Collection Plan Processing window.

  • The Microsoft Dynamics GP System date of 04/27/2015
  • Rosellen General Hospital’s oldest Invoice Due Date of 05/04/2015
  • The Assigned Action “SOONDUE” linked to the days overdue of (-7) on the Collections Plan “Regular” (Please note that (-7) as shown on the Collections Plan means that 7 days prior to the customer’s oldest invoice reaching its due date, we would like the “SOONDUE” Action to be suggested by the Collections Plan Processing window. )

collections management

After running the “Regular” Collection Plan on 04/11/2015, we can see from the second screen shot above and the third screen shot below that several fields including the Last Action, the Done On, the Next Action and the Action Due date fields on have been updated.

Included in these updates, is the “Reminder 1” Action which has been suggested to be implemented as of 05/11/2015.

collections management

Now on 05/11/2015, let’s say for a particular reason, Rosellen General Hospital’s Collection Plan needs to be put on Hold, meaning the Collections team would like to ensure if someone clicks on the “Process this customer” or “Process all customers”, no action on the Collection Plan is executed for “Rosellen General Hospital” from the date of 05/11/2015 until the Hold is removed.

How can we do this?

We can achieve this by putting Rosellen General Hospital on hold from their current Collection Plan by going to Cards > Sales > Collection Info > Select the Customer > Remove the Collections Plan the customer is currently assigned to from the Collections Plan ID field as shown in the screen shot below in Collections Info Window:

collections management

For the period 05/11/2015 to 06/04/2015, as Rosellen General Hospital’s collection plan is put on Hold, the following will be true:

  1. The “Regular” Collection Plan will not move from its current Action: “Reminder 1” to the next Action.
  2. Even if the “Process this customer” or “Process all customers” in the Collections Plan Processing Window is used, no action from the collection plan will be executed for Rosellen General Hospital.

Now let’s say on 06/04/2015, we decide to reactivate our “Regular” Collection Plan for Rosellen General Hospital.

This is done so by accessing the Collections Info window, adding the “Regular” Collection Plan back on this customer (Cards > Sales > Collection Info > Select the Customer > Add the Collections Plan> Click Save ) as shown in the screen shot below:

collections management

Once we add the “Regular” collection plan on 06/04/2015, we can see based on Rosellen General Hospital’s oldest invoice SLS14073 (Due Date of 05/04/2015), the Collections Plan will move to:

  • Action “LETTER 1” considering our “Regular” Collections Plan has “Allow steps to be skipped” selected as shown in the following two screen shots:

collections management

collections management

Or… On 06/04/2015 our Collection Plan for Rosellen General Hospital will move to the action “Reminder 1” if we don’t have the “allow steps to be skipped” selected on this “Regular” Collection Plan as shown on the following two screen shots below:

collections management

CM 9

Voila! This is all you need to put a customer assigned to a collection plan on hold.

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