Growth is essential for any business to survive and with growth comes expansion and with expansion comes accumulation. How do you operate a business efficiently and effectively while maintaining hundreds of gigabytes of accumulated business data? You need to stay functional by reducing the size of your live Dynamics GP database without losing important historical client information.

Here are some practices that can greatly reduce the size of your database and organize your information:

    • Remove old transactional data such as invoices, receipts, and bank statements
  • Archive historical customer documents, for example, credit card info, shipping methods, and tax details


  • Purge irrelevant customer records and company information



Streamline your database to provide your company with prompt, relevant information. Knock off extraneous ‘noise’ that prevents you from a quick inquiry and archive your historical information so it is detached from your current business data, but still available to inquire and report on.

This process can be done with one simple, but important tool, Company Data Archive. Sign up for a CDA webinar or request CDA product information to begin your spring cleaning with CDA from Professional Advantage.

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