Purchasing the right software for your business: Is it all about the bottom line or the value the solution brings to your business?

If you are making an investment in software for your business, and surely everyone understands that is an investment, shouldn’t you focus on the results?  Of course there are products on the market that are priced less than Microsoft and the associated industry specific solutions, but what are you really getting?

Money Tug of War

 Microsoft puts a large amount of dollars into product development to ensure they are continually changing their product to take advantage of the latest technology.  Unfortunately, there is a cost to do that and so they do price products accordingly. Finding the right solution for your organization can be a long and grueling process whether you are looking for an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP or AX or customer relationship management software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  Price is definitely a major factor in your decision and should be considered relative to the functionality and value you are receiving.  I have heard the sob stories, people complaining that Microsoft ramps up their price for no reason because “they can”.

Being a Microsoft VAR as well as an ISV you recognize and appreciate the importance and value of annual enhancement and understand it comes with a price.  Your business deserves a cutting edge product that moves and adjusts to your style as well as the latest technology.  We have thousands of clients on the Microsoft platform and I am happy to report that our experience with their products and staff has been very positive.  Microsoft Business Solutions may not be suitable for every business, but in your quest for financial/ERP software solutions, make sure you are getting the value your business deserves. 

I would like to hear your comments/concerns about investing in software for your business.

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