Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013, the latest and great upgrade to Dynamics GP is coming soon. But when it comes to the dreaded upgrade process, there always seem to be unavoidable hiccups. If you take the time, you can make sure that your upgrade goes as smoothly as possible.

There are several important tasks you can do to prepare for your upgrade to the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. One important time saving practice is to archive old historical data from your production company in Microsoft Dynamics GP into an archive company. This will allow you to upgrade your live company data at a much quicker rate, and upgrade your archived data at a later time. If you have years’ worth of data in your live database, processes like reports, inquiries and look-ups, as well as upgrades, may become dawdling and time consuming. Also, if the system is processing endless transactions and accumulating insurmountable gigabytes of data, archiving will save you time upgrading to newer versions.

If your GL30000 table is pushing near or already beyond 1 million rows, archiving will allow you to cut these rows to fractions of the current count. This way your database will be streamlined, reducing the size and allowing for a quick upgrade process. There are 5 key resources and procedures that are recommended prior to your upgrade:

  • Refer to these Web sites for new or updated information relating to the upgrade: Latest Documentation or*
  • Verify your system requirements and expand your SQL database size if necessary.
  • Archive your historical GP data into a separate archive database.
  • Rebuild or reorganize your fragmented indexes in SQL
  • Complete post-upgrade procedures for Microsoft Dynamics GP modules.*

*For more information on these topics download the Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 Upgrade Instructions andMicrosoft Dynamics GP upgrade checklist by visiting the Microsoft Download Center.

Upgrading can be cumbersome, but by taking advantage of these 5 keys procedures, you can save your company valuable time.

If you are going to make the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, find out how easy archiving can be with Company Data Archive.

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