SharePoint is a powerful way to organize, search, and share documents.  You’ve got gigs of information in Microsoft Dynamics GP and want to share it with others within or external to your company.  These people do not need to be GP users, nor need live access to data and the licensing requirement that go with it. They only need to have reasonably current information. 

You can use Report Scheduler (a standard part of your Dynamics GP install), to generate any report on a schedule you determine.  As part of this, you specify where you want the report output to be generated to:

SharePoint Report Schedule


Here is the cool part – you can point Report Scheduler to a document library on your SharePoint Site.  As reports are generated, they appear on the SharePoint site for others to view.  Using the search capabilities of SharePoint you can quickly find all instances of a certain customer number, vendor, item, etc.  It does not matter if it appears on an invoice, collection letter, or on any report that you can build in Dynamics GP.  Also, you are able to setup alerts in SharePoint so people are notified of new or updated content:

Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint


Please refer to the Report Scheduler manual for details about how to use it.  This does not only apply to reports; you can export SmartList results to an Excel file that is in this document library.  If you export as a PDF, you will need to have the Adobe PDF iFilter installed on your SharePoint server in order to search the library.  Click here for more details about SharePoint 2010.

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