National Accounts software allows you to create relationships between customers and is structured to save you valuable time, money, and resources.

Top 10 Reasons National Accounts Can Improve Your Business:

    1. Decrease time entering data – Organize payments to national accounts into one apply method

  1. Spend less time with customer service – Sort and track the invoices where a specific payment was applied with a printed report
  2. Save money on software – Utilize the benefits of National Accounts at half the cost of similar programs
  3. Easy to install – Have National Accounts up and running in minutes
  4. Stay integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP – National Accounts from Professional Advantage integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP for easy adoption
  5. Diminish information admission errors – Limit physical processing necessary for national account receipts
  6. Parent customer to child customer payment application – Easily distribute payments to all child customers of a parent
  7. Child customer to child customer payment application Disperse payments can be applied from child to child customers
  8. Child customer to parent customer payment applicationAlso apply from child to parent customers
  9. Cash and credit report daily – Stay updated with inquiries on your cash and credit

A national account is a combination of customers in a single organization that have a common relationship. There is a defined “parent customer” who is the controller and “child customers” who provide payments to the parent. The parent customer can then apply payments across any of the child customer accounts.

Streamline your national accounts and improve your business.  Learn about implementing National Accounts from Professional Advantage.

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