In an eco-conscious society, “going green” is the motto nowadays. Did you know that your Microsoft Dynamics GP – Collections Management system can help you go green?

If you have one of the following three Collections Management versions, you can go green by emailing your customers PDF documents more efficiently:

  • GP 2010 (Collections Management Version 11 Build 99)
  • GP 2013 (Collections Management Version 12 Build 61)
  • GP 2015 (Collections Management Version 14 Build 1)

Here are three ways you can use your Collections Management to email your customers PDFs:

1. Owning a PDF Writer license (such as Adobe PDF Writer ®)

With a license of Adobe PDF Writer ®, one can simply ensure that the File Format selected in the Collections Setup Window is “Adobe PDF”. Doing so, will ensure that when using Collections Management to email, all related attachments are PDF documents.

2. Using the Collections Management Invoice Folder

If any third party application such as 1Staff Back Office is used to generate PDF documents, all invoices can be saved in the Invoice Folder specified in the Collections Setup Window. Subsequently, during the emailing process, Collections Management will retrieve the customer invoices and include them as PDF when emailed. To learn more about this process, read the following blog post: How to set up Collections Management to email third party invoices in just two steps >>

3. Using Your GP Word Templates

Last but not least, an innovative feature available in the latest build of Collections Management is the ability to use GP Word Templates and convert them to a PDF file during the e mailing process.

This can be achieved by following the three steps below:

I. Word Templates enabled in Template Maintenance

On the Template Maintenance Window, your desired templates will need to be enabled and selected as “default” as shown below.

To access the Template Maintenance window, please go to Reports > Template Maintenance



II. Template enabled in Template Configuration Window.

The template will also need to be enabled in the Template Configuration window and the “Enable Report Templates” option will need to be checked as shown below for the Sales Module.

To access the Template Configuration window, please go to Reports > Template Configuration



III. Collections Management Setup

In the Collections Management setup window, the file format selected should be “text”.

To access the Collections Management Setup Window, please go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup> Sales > Collections Setup


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