Let’s face it, when it comes to the activities involved in trying to collect YOUR money from customers who aren’t paying on time, your A/R department isn’t jumping out of their seats to make collection calls or type out collection letters. Reviewing your aging reports and knowing what you need to collect can be daunting as well. Furthermore, if you do finally break through the automated messages and get past the voicemails to get a “live” person on the phone, getting the actual payment can be pain staking.

“Great, you finally got a payment commitment from Bill after it took 20 minutes to figure out what they owed you 3 weeks ago, now you have to wait another week to make sure their check comes in the mail.”

Sarcasm aside, everyone knows collections is not fun. Thankfully, with the power of Collections Management by Professional Advantage you don’t have to stress over this process. Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics® GP will streamline you’re A/R so you know what to collect, when to collect and who to contact. Even better, Collections Management will automatically tell you when a customer needs a phone call or collection letter based on customer-specific collection plans. Your plans are configurable and will suggest what actions need to happen based on a customer’s invoice due date.

Now, what about getting the actual payment?

Enter Nodus® PayLink…

Nodus PayLink can expedite funding with a one-click payment link to make payments anywhere, anytime. PayLink can also reduce keying errors and fraud by allowing customers to pay directly online, relieving your staff from manual payment entry. It will also simplify PCI compliance by removing sensitive payment data from your environment with PayFabric®.

With the partnership of Professional Advantage and Nodus, our teams have combine forces to deliver both solutions in one easy process.

Collections Management + Nodus PayLink allows you to send your automated follow-up and reminder emails with payment links. With the click of a button from the message, your customer can view electronic statements and make one easy payment totaling for one or several invoices, without registering for an account or logging into a website or payment portal.

In addition, while you’re performing ad hoc inquiry, you can review your customer’s current aging, select which invoices they need for payment, and the system will generate an email with one payment link to send to the customer.

Fret collections no longer! Have the peace of mind knowing that your invoices are being collected securely and efficiently, while your customers have the convenience of fast and easy payment processing online.

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