Given that employees are often the most important variable in an organisation’s make-up, what options exist to bring new employees into the fold?  At face value there are five options:

  • Word-of-mouth (for all concerned): Referrals are often one of the most effective.
  • Direct approach (from candidate): Often in response to indirect advertising
  • Solicitation: In this case you specifically targeting an individual (otherwise known as head-hunting)
  • Direct advertising: Placing adverts in print or web media
  • Indirect advertising: Your overall marketing presence, website, offices, social networking profile etc

These activities may occur sporadically or as part of a well crafted hiring plan. Organizations which coordinate their hiring activities and ensure messages are uniform across different avenues (such as web or print media) are more likely to reduce their hiring costs and ensure they get the right candidates.

Furthermore, ensuring accurate records are maintained whenever there is contact with prospective candidates is vital to building a long term plan.  Gathering information about a wider community of people beyond the current employee base is not necessarily easy and effort should be made to preserve the information.

Lastly, employers can either perform the hiring function internally or outsource it to a recruitment/staffing agency.  More often than not it is a combination of both.  There is no magical art with identifying new prospective employees, however, staffing agencies have the benefit of making this their sole objective and hence have honed their skills.  However, in all cases the process of matching a candidate with a role will more than likely fall into one of the five options listed above.

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