InsideView Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015


InsideView Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 can help your business become more productive by finding contacts and potential leads without manual data entry.

1Staff, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has the ability to import people as contacts or leads with the help of Insights. As an example, let’s look at Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's CEO. Insights lists out key information such as company, title, phone, address, etc. We can also view his Twitter feed, Facebook profile, and search for him on LinkedIn.

After clicking “Export” a new window opens, prompting us to either create a lead or contact in 1Staff. In this case we chose contact.

Insights then asks if we would like to create an Account for Facebook that will be tied to Mark. We have the ability to select which information we do or do not want to be brought into CRM.

After approving this information a contact is created within 1Staff. Mark’s record is also tied to the account Insights created for Facebook. Also shown in the contact record is the Insights information. Mark’s profile, recent mentions in the news, and Twitter feed can all be viewed from here.

Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM simplifies the process of adding new contacts and can be very helpful when looking for key-decision makers.

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