The Staffing Software Wish List from SIA Executive Forum


The Professional Advantage team was thrilled to once again showcase our staffing software solution, 1Staff, at Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum. SIA Executive Forum took place in Orlando, FL on March 16-19. Executive Forum not only had fantastic weather and an excellent backdrop with Universal Studios, but also provided inspirational keynote speakers and informative sessions. This gave our team an opportunity visit with 1Staff customers, other staffing firms and vendors.

As a staffing software provider, we had the opportunity to speak with countless staffing firms about the software they’re currently using and what their requirements and wish lists are for a future staffing solution.1Staff isn’t new to the staffing world, the back office (formally known as PAM) as originally released in 1996 and the front office was officially released in 2012. It’s the goal of Professional Advantage to have happy and fulfilled staffing customers with an innovative full front-to-back office solution. 1Staff has seen countless changes throughout the years, and always strives to stay on the forefront of industry and customer requirements.

The following seemed to be a recurring theme when talking with staffing firms about their wish lists:

Full Front-to-Back Office Solution

The majority of the staffing firms we spoke with were looking for a front-to-back office with a full suite of functionality. 1Staff offers a comprehensive applicant tracking system with resume parsing, candidate sourcing compliance and CRM functionality, and it doesn’t stop there. 1Staff also has flexible time entry options, fully integrated financials (GL/AP), unlimited invoice frequencies and formats, ability to automatically include signed timesheets to invoices, advanced analytics and margin analysis, and much more.

Easy Configuration

No two staffing firms are exactly alike and processes can very.  Therefore, the 1Staff platform was designed to meet the processes of your organization. With 1Staff, not only can you rename fields and resign forms, but users with the right security permissions can also add entirely new fields and related data forms without custom development. 1Staff also gives you the ability to create powerful business workflows.

Compliance & Onboarding Functionality

Managing multiple clients, job roles, states, and worksites isn’t easy and is no job for excel spreadsheets. 1Staff automates credentialing and on-boarding for signatures, certifications, reference checks, drug screens, etc. 1Staff even remembers what has already been completed and pre-qualifies previous candidates, leaving them to complete only applicable tasks.

Do you have a list of your staffing software requirements, or maybe a wish list of features?

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