Knowledge Base Site for Collections Management and Company Data Archive


In an effort to provide a more diversified set of support options and improve overall customer satisfaction, Professional Advantage has launched a new Knowledge Base (KB) site dedicated to their Microsoft Dynamics® GP products Collections Management and Company Data Archive.

Created to allow customers a fast and friendly way to query common questions, 24/7, this repository of KB articles on the Professional Advantage website is a great way to find information you may be seeking before engaging our support desk.

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The Professional Advantage support staff is exceptional, - that’s why we had them build the content here - but with any software support, a live interaction is not always available at the drop of a hat. This weighed heavily into our key objectives, to maintain a well-organized knowledge base to make our support more efficient and help improve customer satisfaction.

We hope you enjoy this new line of support!

Also, remember the following guidelines for requesting support for Collections Management and/or Company Data Archive:

1. Primary support is provided by the customer’s Microsoft Dynamics GP VAR (Partner).

2. PA products are thoroughly documented. Remember to consult the product manual and/or Knowledge Base (KB) articles from the PA website before requesting support.

a. Product manuals can be found in the GP Documentation folder after the software is installed (EX: Microsoft Dynamics GP > GP2016 > Documentation > Collections Management Manual) or 
b. KB Articles Found Here

3. In the event the Microsoft Dynamics GP VAR is unable to resolve the issue, the Dynamics GP VAR will submit a support request to the PA Support Desk. 

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