CDA Plus Registration Keys Now Available Online


For customers using Company Data Archive Plus (CDA Plus), obtaining product registration keys is now available via our website registration key generator. As CDA Plus has continued to grow throughout our customer base over the last few years, we felt it was time to make the once “unique” registration key available to our customers online.

Provided your annual enhancement fees have been paid to Professional Advantage prior to your license due date, CDA Plus keys will be made available to you. Simply choose “Company Data Archive” as the product, and if you own a license to CDA Plus, the registration key service with recognize that and provide you with the correct key.

Keys are also available via the Company Data Archive Registration window (GP > Administration > Utilities > Company Data Archive Registration). Simply hit the “Get Registration Info” button, and that will call back to our registration service and provide a new key and expiration date.

What is CDA Plus?

CDA Plus is an add-on module to CDA Professional, that provides a means to archive 3rd party and non-core modules beyond core Microsoft Dynamic ® GP. By supplying your own business rules, you are allowed to leverage the existing CDA archiving architecture to archive 3rdparty data.

CDA Plus allows you to choose specific groups of vendors or customers when archiving, after selecting a historical date (and subsequently a fiscal year) and selecting a Purchasing or Sales module. Additional “Select Customers To Archive” or “Select Vendors To Archive” windows let you filter the customers or vendors you want to archive by class.

And for those who have more than one SQL server, CDA Plus can also move data to a separate SQL Server, known as “Linked Server Archiving”.

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