Cogsdale CSM Archiving with Company Data Archive Plus


Professional Advantage is excited to announce their long time partner, Cogsdale, has published the first independent software vendor (ISV) archiving add-on for Company Data Archive Plus. The Cogsdale add-on will archive data from their Customer Service Management (CSM) module for Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Cogsdale CSM offers fully convergent utility billing functionality allowing organizations to bill any number of utility services.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP customers who use Cogsdale CSM tend to accumulate large amounts of historical data due to the nature of their business. Furthermore, depending on local laws, records may be required to be removed from an organization’s live database after a certain period of time. With the Cogsdale CSM archive option, historical records can be easily transferred from a live database to an archive database and subsequently removed from the live database.

The advent of the Cogsdale CSM archive option was made possible by Professional Advantage’s Company Data Archive Plus Advanced Programming Interface (API).

The API facilitates the ability to archive ISV or custom Dynamics GP tables where users supply their own business rules while leveraging the existing archiving architecture. Archiving your historical Dynamics GP data can:

  • Increase Performance while posting, running reports, etc.
  • Streamline your Dynamics GP database by eliminating clutter
  • Enable faster upgrades and backups
  • Optimize your disk space and reduce hardware costs
  • Easily view your archived data with cross company inquiry windowsPhase one of the Cogsdale CSM archive allows users to archive the transactional data from the CSM module listed below.
  • Bills
  • Payments including credit memos
  • Miscellaneous charges including penalties
  • Meter Readings
  • ChecksAs a reminder, the core Company Data Archive module will archive transactional data from your core Dynamics GP tables.

The following CSM related documents are subject to phase two of the CSM archive and are not yet available for archiving:

  • Loan documents and the misc. charges and payments associated with them.
  • Deposit documents including misc. charge deposits and their payments
  • Open or documents in work.

This includes:

  • Charges with outstanding amounts
  • Unapplied payments, either partially or fully
  • Service Orders
  • Collections
  • Budgets
  • Special Payment Arrangements

About Cogsdale:

Cogsdale is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has been developing solutions for local governments and utilities to address the complex and changing needs of their operations since 1997. With more than 300 clients worldwide, Cogsdale focuses on public and private utilities, local government organizations and utility co-operatives. Utility Billing Software.

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