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Company Data Archive 30 Is Here!

Has your Microsoft Dynamics® GP performance slowed down over the years? Would you like to maximize your GP output and minimize your time searching and waiting on reports that used to take only a few seconds to generate? Our recently released Company Data Archive 30 (CDA 30) product is designed to eliminate your historical/irrelevant data and boost performance for GP processes like report generation. So what does this solution do?

What is CDA?

Company Data Archive is a utility designed to move historical information from your ‘live’ company to an ‘archive’ company in GP; essentially a “data archive”. Archiving your data will reduce the size of your live company database with the end goal of improving system performance while posting, running reports, performing file maintenance, and day-to-day use of Dynamics GP. Your archive company will act as another standard company in GP, allowing you access your data like you would in a live company. Traditionally we’ve provided customers with a full license to our product with an annual enhancement plan. However, Professional Advantage has released a 30 day version of CDA.

Why CDA 30?

CDA 30 was designed for customers looking to archive their data one time or to determine if archiving is suitable for their company. This is a very cost effective way to determine what impact archiving data will have on your GP performance without a large investment or long term commitment. With CDA 30, companies have the ability to perform an unlimited number of archives while experiencing the same benefits CDA Professional will offer. Again, this is a great way to move as much data as you need with little upfront cost.By archiving your Dynamics GP data, you will:

  1. Experience faster Dynamics GP upgrades and performance
  2. Eliminate clutter in reports and inquiries
  3. Easily bulk archive and/or remove GP data from your live company
  4. Allow for easy viewing of historical data in your archive company


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