Known Issue When Archiving General Ledger Using Company Data Archive and Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2015 R2


*Please note the issue below has been resolved, and this fix is explained our latest blog.

You can download the newest version of CDA from our webpage, which includes the fix for archiving the GL30000 table.

*Professional Advantage has recently identified an issue in regards to archiving the GL30000 table when using GP 2015 R2 or later (14.00.0725 and higher) with Company Data Archive (CDA). Microsoft has detailed the change that was made in regards to a Smartlist issue, published June 19th, 2015. Click here to read full article.

How does this affect archiving with CDA?

The blog reports the credit and debit columns were switched within a number of GL tables. As CDA will only archive historical documents, we are only concerned with the GL30000. At this time when archiving General Ledger, the current debit amounts are inserted into the credit column and vice versa. The Professional Advantage Development team will publish a fix for this going forward including a tool to repair any data that has been archived since upgrading to GP 2015 R2.

What should we do until this is fixed? IMPORTANT: the issue only affects data that has been archived after upgrading to GP 2015 R2. If you are currently on GP 2015 R2 we recommend that you refrain from archiving until a new build is released. 

What if we’ve already archived while on GP 2015 R2?

If you have already completed an archive while on GP 2015 R2, please create a support case at the following link and you will be provided a method to repair the data that was archived as soon as this is available.

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