Recommendations for Maintaining Master Records after Archiving


When using Company Data Archive to archive historical Microsoft Dynamics® GP data, master records can only be transferred and will never be removed from the production database. However, following a Transfer/Remove archive, you may have master records that no longer have transactional data.


If a master record is no longer needed, Dynamics GP will now allow you to remove these records within the Production database as there is no longer transactions against them. However, removing these master records is not recommended if a future archive is required. An issue arises if new master records created in the production database have any conflicting unique values with the records already within the archive database. If this occurs, you will receive duplicate key errors when the next archive is attempted.

Our Recommendation:

Master records that are no longer necessary should be inactivated rather that removed. This will ensure the records no longer appear when users are entering transactions within Dynamics GP. If this option is used, ensure that when completing any year end process, you are maintaining inactive records.Another important note related to master record maintenance and using CDA; please ensure the proper steps are taken when modifying any master records in the production database (For example: Account Modifier/Combiner tool in PSTL). If the records are modified within the production database, the same process will need to be completed within the archive database, to ensure archived transactions and master data correctly reflect the changes made in production.

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