Unlock the Power of Dynamics GP: Top 5 Reasons to Archive Your Data


Are you tired of experiencing sluggish performance in your Dynamics GP system due to years of accumulated data?

Deleting historical information can be a time-consuming process, requiring you to select specific modules and search for dated invoices, receipts, and more. Additionally, piecing together data for inquiries and reports can be a challenging task. If you want to optimize your GP output, minimize search times, and reduce waiting periods, it's time to consider data archiving.

Now, you might wonder, why should I archive my data? Here are the top five reasons why you should prioritize data archiving for your Dynamics GP:

  1. Enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP performance: By archiving your data, you can significantly speed up various operations, including searching, reporting, and utilizing inquiry windows. Enjoy a faster and more efficient user experience.

  2. Facilitate faster Dynamics GP upgrades: Waiting for your Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade can be time-consuming. However, by archiving your data, you can reduce the upgrade time and spend more valuable hours managing your business effectively.

  3. Streamline inquires and reports: Cluttered reports and inquiries can hinder productivity. By condensing and streamlining your reports to include only the most recent and relevant data, you can improve readability and ease of use.

  4. Effortlessly archive or remove GP data from your live company: Move data from your live company to an archive company after a specified historical date without any hassle. You can choose to transfer or remove data in a rolling period or after a fixed date, providing flexibility and control.

  5. Access historical data easily in your archive company: Don't worry about losing access to your historical data. By archiving your data, you can conveniently view and retrieve it in a familiar environment, ensuring seamless continuity in your operations.

Implementing these practices is a no-brainer, and fortunately, Professional Advantage offers an easy solution to archive your GP data: CDA (Company Data Archive). With CDA, you can archive your data effortlessly and enjoy the benefits of improved performance, streamlined processes, and efficient upgrades.

Take the proactive step of archiving your Dynamics GP data today and unlock the full potential of your system with Professional Advantage's CDA.