Get Paid, Don’t Delay: Best Practices for Collecting Past Due Money from Other Businesses


As a business owner, collecting past due money from other businesses is a critical task to maintain your cash flow and ensure the financial health of your company. Outstanding invoices or balances can create difficulties in meeting your financial obligations and hinder your business’s growth. In this blog, we will discuss best practices for collecting past due money from other businesses. 

  1. Establish Clear Payment Terms

    Clear payment terms should be established in the beginning of a business relationship. This includes outlining payment deadlines, methods of payment, and consequences for late payment. By setting clear expectations, businesses are more likely to pay on time. 

  2. Follow Up Promptly

    Following up promptly on overdue payments is crucial. As soon as a payment is past due, reach out to the customer with a polite reminder. Often, a simple reminder is all that is needed to prompt payment. Use a professional tone, and provide the customer with a deadline for payment. 

  3. Be Persistent

    If reminders and deadlines do not result in payment, be persistent in your follow-up. This may include sending additional reminders, making phone calls, or scheduling meetings. Persistence shows businesses that you are serious about collecting payment and can help move the process forward. 

  4. Offer Payment Plans

    Offering payment plans can be a useful tool for collecting past due money from other businesses. This can be especially helpful if a business is experiencing financial difficulties. By working out a payment plan, you can keep the business engaged and show a willingness to work with them to resolve the issue. 

  5. Consider Hiring a Commercial Collection Agency

    If all other efforts to collect past due money fail, it may be time to consider hiring a commercial collection agency. Commercial collection agencies specialize in collecting debts between businesses and have the resources and expertise to handle difficult cases. However, it is important to do your due diligence and research commercial collection agencies before hiring one. 

  6. Consider purchasing a collections tool.

    A collections tool can help streamline the collections process by automating reminders, tracking payments, and providing analytics on payment history. This can reduce the time and resources required to collect past due money, while also improving accuracy and efficiency. 

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In conclusion, collecting past due money from other businesses is a critical task for maintaining the financial health of your company. By establishing clear payment terms, following up promptly, being persistent, offering payment plans, and considering hiring a commercial collection agency, you can increase your chances of successfully collecting past due money and protecting your business’s financial stability. 

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