Centralize and Retrieve More Collections Management Data


When it comes to collecting in Dynamics GP, users often find that there is a lot of decentralized information in the sales and accounts receivables area. Therefore, having a central location for all your valuable receivables data is critical.  With Collections Management, users have the ability to access that accounts receivables information and view their customers collection history from the Collections Main Window. From that window, users can:

  • Easily accessible customer contact information retrieved from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Easy access and further inquiry into the sales figures, such as unposted sales, unposted cash, unposted orders, customer’s total due amount, credit limit, and aging details.
  • Drill down to specific transactions pertaining to an aging bucket.
  • View the aging details based on the functional currency or the originating currency, ideal for organizations conducing businesses with multiple currencies.
  • Create, view and edit Microsoft Dynamics GP® notes as well as the Collections Management notes.
  • Email collection letters as well as customer receivables statements.

Most people are well aware of Collections Managements ability to pull data from the Microsoft Dynamics GP® Sales Module.  However, did you know you could retrieve even more data? This may come into play if your business has special items to track, such as evaluating your customers by industry. Your business may also need to track the means of payments (cash, credit card, check) by customer to better tackle your collections process. For all these needs and many more, Collections Management offers user defined fields to track these metrics. These user defined fields are easy to implement right in Collections Management and do not require any coding.

Furthermore, in terms of your invoice attachments, Collections Management allows you to use your current Adobe PDF Writer® license to generate your PDF invoices, and also allows the use of Word Templates to be automatically generated in PDF without the need to own a PDF Writer license.

Lastly, for companies using a third party application such as 1Staff Back Office to generate PDF invoices, Collections Management is able to retrieve these invoices from the specific invoice folder used by the third party application.

See how you can setup Collections to email your third party invoices here.

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